Shoes Speed carotene Tr Black Reebok Flexweave Sports 4IZAa

Shoes Speed carotene Tr Black Reebok Flexweave Sports 4IZAa Shoes Speed carotene Tr Black Reebok Flexweave Sports 4IZAa Shoes Speed carotene Tr Black Reebok Flexweave Sports 4IZAa Shoes Speed carotene Tr Black Reebok Flexweave Sports 4IZAa Shoes Speed carotene Tr Black Reebok Flexweave Sports 4IZAa Shoes Speed carotene Tr Black Reebok Flexweave Sports 4IZAa
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Model 500
Sports Speed Reebok Flexweave Black Tr carotene Shoes
Advanced Goniometer / Tensiometer
with DROPimage Advanced
(p/n 500-U1)

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The Model 500 Advanced Goniometer / Tensiometer includes a vast array of capabilities. In addition to shipping with DROPimage Advanced, the Model 500 is capable of accepting every modular accessory available from ramé-hart. This permits the building of a sophisticated tool which can be optimized for specific applications and research environments.

Model 500 includes the U1 Series SuperSpeed Digital Camera which operates at 100 fps. DROPimage Advanced software is included as well. This powerful program calculates surface and interfacial tension using a standard PC. The method used is based on the Young-Laplace equation and the program has been designed to handle pendant, inverted pendant, sessile, and captive bubble drops. DROPimage Advanced is methods-based allowing full control over every aspect of the experiment allowing for sophisticated dynamic and time-dependant studies. Results include surface tension, interfacial tension, contact angle, surface energies of solids, drop dimensions, volume and surface area, as well as surface dilatational elasticity and viscosity. Full control over the Automated Dispensing System and the Automated Tilting Base accessories is integrated into the software allowing them to be controlled via discrete controls or via a methods-based experiment.

Add the Allmountain Jacket Tayfun Melange Man Olive Ski Ziener W1cOnW with temperature and humidity control for the highest level of environment control. The standard Environmental Chamber and Environmental Fixture are also available options for Model 500. All chambers have temperature logging so your reports will include the precise chamber temperature at the time of each measurement.

If your requirements call for a powerful and adaptable tool with the widest range of modular options, then Model 500 is the best choice.

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Top Options for Model 500
100-22 Automated Dispensing System
100-25-A Automated Tilting Base
100-30 Shoes Reebok Black Tr Speed Sports carotene Flexweave Peltier Environmental Chamber
100-26-TH Advanced Chamber with Temperature and Humidity
Ankle Pedro Lining Boots Miralles Mimetico nbsp;leather Classic Foresta rEaEzqnTwx Environmental Chamber
Leather Lining Kiomi Lining Boots up And Lace Textile Of nbsp;combination Black nwq0APrwO Temperature Controller
100-14 Environmental Fixture
100-28 Oscillator
100-31 Overhead Optical Imaging Kit
100-33 Heated Environmental Cell
100-33-HP Hot Plate
100-12-U2 U2 Series SuperSpeed 750FPS Upgrade Kit


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Speed Sports Tr Flexweave Shoes Black carotene Reebok
Flexweave Tr Speed Black Sports Shoes carotene Reebok
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Reebok Flexweave carotene Tr Speed Black Sports Shoes  




Material & care

Upper material: Synthetics/textile

Lining: Textile

Insole: Textile

Sole: Synthetics

Padding type: Cold padding

Fabric: Mesh


Sport: Training

Shoe tip: Round

Shoe fastener: Laces

Pattern: Plain

Qualities: Breathable

Extras: Reinforced heel, toe caps

Outsole: Flex grooves, non-slip

Insoles: Removable, contoured, padded

Article number: RE542A0I3-Q11